About Us

All IN is a collaborative organization that advocates for inclusive communities. Inclusive communities are places where people of diverse abilities and backgrounds live in proximity to one another, where everyone is valued, and all people have equal opportunity to excel.

In almost every city and community inequality exists. This can include a lack of access to good jobs, safe housing, transit, and infrastructure, as well as an insufficient support to deal with exceptional challenges. When these inequalities exist, communities become fractured. Some residents are given better economic and social opportunities to thrive as productive members of society.

There are many organizations that work toward social justice, however All IN is unique, because:

We are a non-profit advocacy organization. We do not have charitable status, which means we work for all people through policy and advocacy initiatives. It also means that we rely more heavily on your donations and on our grassroots, volunteer team. Our focus is not on providing charitable service, but creating a society where people thrive and have less need for charitable services.

We address diverse but related issues. We see thriving and vibrant communities as a product of housing, good mental health, care for youth and seniors, Indigenous rights and equality, employment opportunities, positive ethnic relations and equity, community safety, and civic engagement. These issues are interconnected. We advocate for policies that treat them as such.

We are grassroots. All IN brings people of different political, cultural, and social affiliations together. It is steadily expanding across Toronto. The more people get involved, the more effective we will be in our advocacy for inclusive communities, the more positive change we will see, the more vibrant and thriving communities we will have.

We invite you to join us!