Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision:

Inclusive communities where everyone fully belongs

Our mission:

Through advocacy and education, we will engage the public and decision-makers to build inclusive communities that are equitable, empathetic, empowering, and sustainable, where everyone is connected and valued, and everyone fully belongs.

Our values:

An ideal, integrated society:

We believe that societies thrive when people of diverse economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds and abilities are connected, heard, and responsible to one another, when they live and work in proximity to, and in collaboration with each other, when they count, and when they have the ability and the opportunity to grow.

We believe that marginalization, inequality, inaccessibility, and segregation lead to misunderstanding, unfair distribution of real (as opposed to perceived) opportunities, lack of harmony, and a less vibrant, less successful society. Therefore, we believe in values that promote inclusiveness, diversity, equality, accessibility, health, meaningful jobs, and mental health and healing for all.

We are guided and united in our collaborative venture by these values: