To build communities where everyone fully belongs, we need Members of Parliament who share our values of empathy, mutual responsibility, connectedness, and accountability, and who will advocate for inclusive communities.

All IN members decided to question candidates for Eglinton-Lawrence, where many of our original members reside and where there has only been one public debate.   We invited Joe Oliver (CPC), Marco Mendicino (LPC), and Andrew Thomson (NDP) to separate, intimate sessions to ask them questions on topics such as affordable housing, income inequality, employment for youth and visible minority women, seniors’ care, democracy and elections, and mental health and criminal justice.  Joe Oliver declined our invitation, but we met with Marco Mendicino on October 3rd and Andrew Thomson on October 6th.

These sessions were recorded through the generous and professional services of Cutty Duncan, Michael Miller, and Jervel Alphonse of Action Neighbourhood Changes.  The videos of the questions and answers can be viewed here.

Thank you to Marco Mendicino and Andrew Thomson for making the time to meet with residents of Eglinton-Lawrence and of Toronto.