What? Two newsletters in November? You better have something important to say

We do have something important to tell you:
1. Attention! Upcoming session to learn about and discuss the City of Toronto budget!
2. Our appearance before the Ontario legislative Standing Committee on Social Policy on Bill 7- Promoting Affordable Housing Act

City of Toronto Budget:

There has been a lot of talk about the proposed road tolls for the Gardiner Express Way. But there is so much more in the budget (and even more that’s not in the budget.) We are excited to let you know of two opportunities to learn about the budget:

All IN and other community organizations have partnered with Social Planning Toronto to present an information and discussion session on the City Budget on Wednesday, December 14, from 6:00-8:00 p.m., at the North York Forum, North York City Centre, 5100 Yonge Street. This is a great session to attend if you want to make sure you have the chance to write your Councillor or make deputations to City Council before the City votes on the budget. You’ll hear what’s in the budget, what’s left out of the budget, and what has been cut from the budget. And you’ll get to ask, “How are we going to address housing, reduce poverty, and provide services, when we keep reducing our revenue sources?”

To see the poster, go to our website here

There will be another information session on the budget in January, at a location closer to “uptown” (Yonge and Eglinton). This one will serve as an information session and will be held after the vote at City Council. Details to follow.

All IN Appears before the Ontario legislative Subcommittee on Social Policy

Last Friday, November 25th, we received a call in the afternoon from the Sub-Committee on Social Policy, and were advised that the Sub-Committee would be holding public hearings on Bill 7 (Promoting Affordable Housing Act) on Monday, November 28th. Despite the short notice, our Executive Director, Dyanoosh Youssefi, attended the meeting on Monday evening and spoke on behalf of All IN to the subcommittee. The group was very impressed with the calibre of our presentation and written submissions. How inclusionary zoning will be implemented will remain to be seen. Dyanoosh’s submission will be available on Hansard shortly. We will send you the link when it becomes available.

We hope to see you at the budget meeting!