In the winter of 2015, All IN participants identified several issues of particular significance for our work. We then voted on what issues we should start with in our nascent years. The result of this ranked poll informs our strategic plan for the first thriee years of All IN’s advocacy. We will revisit these issues and our strategic plan periodically to ensure that our organization is effective, relevant, and successful in achieving its vision.

Here are the top 9 issues identified by the group:

  1. Mixed Income Neighbourhoods & Affordable Homes
  2. Civic Engagement
  3. Increased Inequality
  4. Criminal Justice & Mental Health
  5. Newcomer and Youth Employment
  6. Affordable Childcare
  7. Care for the Elderly
  8. Ranked Balloting
  9. Aboriginal Equity

Visitors to our site will no doubt notice that the environment is not on our list. This was an intentional decision on our part. We wish to avoid reinventing the wheel. There are a number of fantastic charitable and advocacy organizations that work toward sustainability and environmental protection, so we did not include that all important cause as one of our focus areas. Furthermore, while we will work independently as an organization, we will also partner with and collaborate with other organizations to increase our impact and empower our collective voice on any of the above issues.