Greetings fellow All INs,

We hope you’ve been having a pleasant fall.  Here is what you’ll see in this newsletter:

Wow!  It’s All IN’s Anniversary!!  See what we’ve done in just one year!

Help us grow!  Do you have 2-3 hours to give over the next two weeks?  Help us from your home.

The Government of Canada’s Let’s Talk Housing is a step toward building a national housing initiative. Check out All IN’s submissions and use the link below to share your ideas and urge our government to resolve the housing crisis in Canada

YIMBY update

Happy 1st birthday, All IN!

In the last year, we have accomplished a tremendous amount, with the help and contribution of an amazing team of
volunteers and donors!  We thank each and everyone of you for your support!  Help us get to the next stage by donating here.

Here are the highlights of what we’ve done over the last year, in chronological order:

      1. Developed our vision, mission, values, and our organizational strategic plan
      2. Developed a preliminary, then a professional web-site
      3. Held two events related to the federal election
      4. Held a public event on housing, bringing together politicians, non-profit leaders, and those with lived experiences of poverty, for a discussion before an audience of 80 people who came from many parts of Toronto
      5. Made submission to the City of Toronto’s Housing Opportunities Toronto
      6. Wrote a letter to the province encouraging them to support inclusionary zoning
      7. Made submissions to the province on Bill 204, the inclusionary zoning bill
      8. Made submissions to the province on police reform
      9. Made submissions to the federal government on the national housing strategy
      10. Connected with like-minded organizations, and met with representatives at different levels of government.

You can read most these submissions on our website, by going here.

Let's Talk Housing Logo

The federal government has initiated a process, called Let’s Talk Housing, to develop a national housing strategy.  The government is seeking input from the public.  All IN has submitted a brief letter, urging the government to ensure that the plan address the following:

  • The need for housing for people of all income levels,
  • Sufficient supportive housing for people with physical, psychological, and developmental challenges,
  • Integration of housing, so people of diverse backgrounds and income levels can live together,
  • A clear, yet fluid definition of “affordable,” which addresses the needs of different income earners as well as those on social assistance
  • The immediate implementation of a plan to address the urgent housing needs in First Nations communities.

You can see a copy of our letter here.We encourage you to send your own letter or submissions to the federal government as well as your Member of Parliament.  Feel free to use All IN’s letter as a template if you wish.  You can send your submissions through this page.   In addition, or if you can’t make time to write a letter, you can fill out this quick survey on the Let’s Talk Housing website.

The deadline for submissions is this Friday, October 21st. 

YIMBY festival

Dyanoosh and Cara represented All IN at this year’s YIMBY festival.  We made connections with some other wonderful socially-minded organizations, and signed up just under 30 new members.  All IN all, it was a great success.