From housing to criminal justice reform, All IN is all in

1.We are keeping up the pressure for all levels of government to implement sensible, long-term housing solutions for all residents.
2.We are increasing our contribution to criminal justice reform.
3.Upcoming events: Keep your eyes open for upcoming Town Hall meetings on the City of Toronto annual budget. We will send out a notice in the next few days.

Homes should be built, not just discussed:

There has been activity, at every level of government, on housing issues. At All IN, we have been working to ensure that such activity is not limited to talk and to studies. All IN recently sent submissions to the federal government on the national housing strategy. Last spring, we made written submissions to the province of Ontario on the inclusionary zoning bill. That bill is currently before the Standing Committee on Social Policy. Although no public hearings are currently scheduled, we have asked to make deputations before the Committee. At the municipal level, there is a risk that housing issues will be overshadowed or sidelined by a budget and fiscal planning that fails to invest meaningfully in long-term solutions to housing. We are keeping an eye on developments there, including a staff report on multi-tenant housing and the possibility that there may be public consultations on this matter.

We also expect to work with a partner to hold town hall meetings on the Toronto City Hall Budget for 2017. The tentative date is Wednesday, December 14, from 6-8 p.m. Stay tuned for more information.

Will there be true criminal justice reform?

The mandate letter from Prime Minister Trudeau to the Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould directs a review of the criminal justice system, a move toward restorative justice, reduced incarceration of Indigenous peoples, and implementation of the recommendations in the Ashley Smith inquiry. At a recent Criminal Lawyers’ Association event attended by our Executive Director, Dyanoosh Youssefi, Justice Wilson-Raybould affirmed her commitment to these goals.

All IN has already delivered submissions to the provincial Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services on policing issues. We are watching the federal process closely and will make contributions to the criminal justice reform process when possible.

Welcoming two new volunteers to All IN:

We welcome Christina McIntyre and Amina Menkad, two recent volunteers who are passionate about the vision and mission of All IN. Christina and Amina have so far helped us with research into multi-tenant housing and into grant and funding sources, respectively. We thank you both and look forward to continuing our work together.

What you can do:

•You can help us register as a non-profit-organization. This process will cost just over $300. Donate here to help us reach our goal.
•You can help us create a moving, succinct video story that relates our message to members, partners, and to potential funders. We expect that a well-done project will cost between $3000-$4000. Help us tell our story and broaden our reach. Donate here. (Any amount will help.)
•If you want to make sure that all your money comes to us (on-line donations are subject to a 3% fee that is taken off your donation), then reply to this message and we will make alternate arrangements.
•Remember that All IN is a grassroots organization, and that our work is done entirely buy volunteers who are unpaid. You can also contribute your time and skills to help us with research, writing, fundraising, accounting, and programming. Or you can donate so that we can do more work on behalf of all of us to build inclusive communities.

Reaching out

Recently, Executive Director Dyanoosh Youssefi and Steering Committee member Cara Chellew attended Harmony Movement’s annual Gala Awards. We used this opportunity to connect with some like-minded organizations and individuals.

We’ll keep working to build inclusive communities where everyone fully belongs and no one is left behind.