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Affordable housing should be integrated into each neighbourhood: All IN Comments on HOT, Housing Opportunities Toronto

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HOT is the City of Toronto’s Affordable Housing Action Plan. “HOT is a roadmap to steer the work and investment decisions of the City of Toronto in partnership with federal and provincial governments, as well as the public and private housing sectors over the next decade.”




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All IN expresses support for the implementation of HOT’s action plan to councillor Ana Bailão, City Council’s Housing Advocate.

“A strong, vibrant, and equitable democracy and society is one where people of all backgrounds and income levels live and work in proximity to one another.”

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  • Dick Halverson
    Posted at 18:13h, 26 January

    I am attracted to your motivation, mixed income communities, reducing income disparity, healthy neighbourhoods. However I encourage you to be much more specific as what “affordable housing should be integrated into each neighbourhood” means in terms of occupancy. If you mean building more social housing buildings then this is not helpful. Segregated housing starts with exclusionary zoning with relative affluence being concentrated in homogenous suburbs. Inserting social housing buildings is still segregation. We need to find other ways of have actual mixed income neighbourhoods where buildings are not identified by income occupancy. Mixed income needs to be the quality of every building. After 30 plus years of developing social housing I now regret much of what I’ve done.

    • All IN
      Posted at 15:33h, 16 February

      Greetings, Dick!
      Thank you for your email and important message. We believe that integration of affordable housing means that each neighbourhood should bring together people of different backgrounds and different income levels, in a way that is not segregated, where people’s homes or their address is not indicative of their income status. This means that all buildings should incorporate mixed income housing, on various floors, not a separate part or floor of the building. Much like in co-ops, residents should be able to live in and contribute to their building and their neighbourhood without being publicly identified and “marked” by their income level. “Integrated” really is the best word we can use, as “inclusive housing” and “mixed income housing” can still be achieved without being fully integrated… We need to coin a term that brings this all together!
      Thanks for your comment and hope to have your involvement with All IN.
      Dyanoosh Youssefi
      Executive Director, All IN